Öffentliche- und Gastvorlesungen

Prof. Dr. Stephen S. Harding (The National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics, University of Nottingham)​

  • Teil 1: 08.-11.02.2010
  • Teil 2: 30.06.-01.07.2010
    • Macromolecules as BioPharma mucoadhesives (pdfpdf, 5 mb)
    • Macromolecules as vaccines (pdfpdf, 5 mb)
    • Stability in response to Bioprocessing I. Thermal Processing, D, z and F values (pdfpdf, 4 mb)
    • Stability in response to Bioprocessing II: Irradiation and freezing (pdfpdf, 1 mb)
    • The use of non-recombining parts of the Y-chromosomal DNA and mitochondrial DNA as a probe into our past (pdfpdf, 5 mb)

Öffentliche Samstagsvorlesung "ChemGeo aktuell"

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinze

    23.012.2016: Zucker - vergessene Rohstoffe mit Potenz (pdfpdf, 2 kb)