Internationale Projekte


  • COST D13: "New Molecules for Human Health Care (09/1998-09/2003)"
    Projekt: "Therapeutic Polysaccharides"

  • COST D28: "Natural Products as a Source for Discovery, Synthesis and Application of Pharmaceuticals" (09/2002-09/2007)
    Projekt: "Therapeutic Polysaccharides II: Bioactive Polysaccharides and their Structure-Function relationships"

  • COST D29: "Sustainable/Green Chemistry and Chemical Technology" (11/2003-06/2007)
    "Production and Functionalization of Hemicelluloses for Sustainable Advanced Products"

  • COST FP1205: "Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibres" (03/2013-03/2017)

6. Rahmenprogramm der EU

7. Rahmenprogramm der EU

  • Marie Curie Initial Training Network "Shaping and Transformation in the Engineering of Polysaccharides" (STEP)

  • Surface functionalization of cellulose matrices using coatings of functionalized polysaccharides with embedded nano-particles (SurFunCell)

  • Erasmus IP-programme 2008-2011 "Sustainable Utilization of Renewable Resources"

  • European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence Coordination and Support Action (EPNOE CSA)