06.04.2014: Von Promotion zur eigenen Firma

Chemiker aus Jena entwickeln Bioklebstoff

Pressemitteilung (OTZ)

31.01.2014: Bisher unbekanntes Phänomen der Selbstaggregation von Aminozellulose entdeckt

Pressemitteilung: Analytik NewsFlash 05/2014

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Lecture of Prof. Harding

(The National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics, University of Nottingham)


  • Part 1: Feb. 08-11, 2010
    • Albert Einstein and the Viscosity of Macromolecules (pdf)
    • Light Scattering and SEC-MALLs (pdf)
    • Dynamic Light Scattering (pdf)
    • Analytical Ultracentrifugation I (pdf)
    • Analytical Ultracentrifugation II: Interactions (pdf)

  • Part 2: June 30-July 01, 2010
    • Macromolecules as BioPharma mucoadhesives (pdf)
    • Macromolecules as vaccines (pdf)
    • Stability in response to Bioprocessing I. Thermal Processing, D, z and F values (pdf)
    • Stability in response to Bioprocessing II: Irradiation and freezing (pdf)
    • The use of non-recombining parts of the Y-chromosomal DNA and mitochondrial DNA as a probe into our past (pdf)